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Navigating modern communications and Cloud technologies generates many key questions:

  • What impact would Cloud-based communications have on our business?
  • Do the business drivers justify making a change?
  • What are the cost benefits?

National Communications Services, Inc., is a Microsoft-based unified communications services company with proven expertise in planning, deploying and operating mission critical productivity solutions for companies like yours.

We can help your internal teams align and support the right communication and collaboration solutions, ensuring you are equipped with the needed tools to effectively achieve your desired business outcomes.

In fact, one of our customers is saving more than $40,000 a year through the benefits of Microsoft's Skype for Business! Read more about how you can improve your team's productivity.

Companies are often faced with common challenges such as enhancing productivity, reducing cost and improving overall bottom line. If your business vision includes tackling these issues, National Communications Services, Inc. (NCS) can help you with a strategy to integrate your existing telephony and communications systems with a newer, more efficient, cloud, on-premise or hybrid based solution.

NCS has a successful record of working with mid-market and enterprise customers to design, implement, migrate and support modern communications. As a Microsoft Gold Competency partner, NCS is recognized as an expert and premier systems integrator, and we can help you create an end-to-end solution that leverages your existing investments and delivers solid business value through enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities.

We also recently created a video presentation which reviews several communication deployment scenarios. We invite you to watch the recording to learn more about modern communications solutions from NCS!

Does your team need ways to communicate seamlessly, regardless of the location of each team member? Do you lose valuable time trying to track someone down to get input on a project?

Enabling communications for your workforce—regardless of location—is key to a strong and productive business enterprise, and the morale and productivity benefits are numerous.

In fact, Gartner+ recently identified the key mobility impacts that business and IT leaders should assess to ensure that the collaboration solutions employed in their organizations have the best chance of success. Their research concluded that providing mobile access to collaborative tools leads to innovative, new ways for teams to work more efficiently together.

Here are more benefits your teams can enjoy by deploying mobility solutions:

  • Seamless Coordination with the Tools You Already Know – Microsoft offers a variety of tools based on Office, which most of your employees likely know and use every day.
  • Easily Communicate and Collaborate Inside and Outside Your Organization – with sophisticated and fast tools, you can keep your teams updated on everyone’s status using shared calendars and instant messaging
  • Simple to Learn, Straightforward to Use
  • Email, Collaboration, and Online Meeting Solutions
  • Safety and Security - your data is encrypted and stored on Microsoft’s physically secure servers, which are also protected with continuous threat management and security monitoring
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access across Multiple Devices – using Microsoft Office 365, you can license to up to five different devices per user, including any PC/Mac, and any iOS, Android or Windows device.
  • Professional Flexibility for Your Business

National Communications Services, Inc. can help your company adopt the latest, innovative collaboration technologies.

PS – Read more about how modern communication solutions can improve your team’s productivity, increase financial savings, and connect users anytime across virtually any device!

+Gartner study 09/2015

Your team is competing to earn more business and we can help you win! Whether you’re huddling before the big kick-off or working feverishly to gain yards, National Communications Services, Inc. can advance your communications and are skilled in understanding your business needs, integrating modern technology with existing systems, and training your team to be in top shape. You win when your workforce is more efficient and they’re making the big plays!

Modernizing and integrating your phone, video, conferencing and chat tools doesn’t have to be expensive either. We’ve got a playbook which will walk you through small changes to dramatic moves, and lays out cost-saving benefits for any size organization. You’ll be amazed to see how enhanced collaboration improves conversations and workflow between employees, vendors, subcontractors and business partners. Imagine the gains for you with increased efficiency and a solid return on investment!

Let us share our success stories from working with other companies and help you choose the game plan that will work best for you! We can help guide your company to effectively use elevated collaboration tools and interfaces, which will directly correlate to the successful realization of your business goals.

NCS will gladly provide a complimentary network assessment at your office. We’ll help you chart the steps to incorporate modern communications into your existing environment-whether on premise, in the cloud, or both!

A constant question facing many leadership teams is how to maximize business wins- you need to increase productivity to meet client and stakeholder needs while staying inside your budget parameters.

Utilizing the flexibility of the cloud, along with your on-premise solutions, has emerged as a credible alternative to traditional hardware. Indeed, a Forrester Total Economic Impact Summary+ recently reported that an updated UC infrastructure model can also save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars as well.

Other notable savings cited by Forrester’s study include:

  • ROI of more than 150%
  • Upfront costs: a grand total of $.0
  • Gain 30 minutes or more of productivity per day per person
  • Revenue increases of up to 33%

National Communications Services can help you marry the old and the new to create a seamless, integrated infrastructure. This allows your team members to connect more quickly while you stay within budget and can stretch the lifespan of your legacy equipment if needed.

We invite you to review our case study and learn how we helped one organization reduce expenses by more than $40,000/year while upgrading to modern communications tools for their teams.

+ Forrester Total Economic Impact Summary 03/2015

Whether you’d classify your current telephony system as “little league” or you’re already making it in the majors, we can increase your team’s agility.

  • Are you seeing a need and would like to explore what the cost savings and productivity enhancements could potentially look like for your workforce?
  • For pro players, NCS has helped customers leverage the advanced agility of fully cloud-based communications in order to operate at its highest levels.
  • We can help you run the bases from today to tomorrow at the pace you choose.

From immediate transformations to slow and steady transitions, we’ll help you create and implement a business plan that’s custom-created for your industry, business life cycle, and your needs.

Discover the valuable resources that NCS has created to help your company get into shape!

One of the goals many business leaders is to help their company achieve growth, realize success, and maximize profitability. Achieving those directives is incredibly gratifying and also presents new challenges to quickly ramp new hires, expand office space or enable a remote work team.

Whether your company fits under one roof or your employees are located throughout a city or even around the globe, modern communications tools can help synchronize your workforce.

Whether your company fits under one roof or your employees are located throughout a city or even around the globe, modern communications tools can help synchronize your workforce.

National Communications Services, Inc. can help connect your company’s network—we can link buildings spread across the entire nation, or we can sync offices right across the street. One of our customers is now saving over $40,000 per year—their team is delighted by how much faster they can get things done!

Allow NCS to help with technology for your growing business needs. We look forward to discussing your business goals and crafting a plan to help your company excel.

Are you planning your roadmap to modern communications? Have you considered the options to address your unique business needs? Will your new communications solution be all-in-the-cloud, entirely on-premise, or will you take a hybrid approach?

We invite you to watch this short video where we share important information that will help you identify the right solution for your business.

Interested in finding out more? Please review our full web seminar discussion covering this topic, presented in partnership with AudioCodes and Microsoft, which includes information on our 90-Day Low Cost Proof of Concept full turnkey solution offering.

NCS can help you understand and navigate these scenarios. We'll leverage our expertise to help you establish the best solution and path to the Cloud that aligns with your vision and strategic business objectives.

Please contact us for more answers to your questions.