IT Expertise and Best Practices
Applied Daily

At National Communications Services, Inc. (NCS) we hold an end-to-end philosophy when it comes to data networks, infrastructure and systems that support real-time applications like Voice and Video, and non-real-time functions such as Email, File Storage, Data Base, Industry Specific Applications, Tools, and more.

We consider all aspects of your data infrastructure when implementing and supporting these solutions because the health and performance of your network is mission-critical and has a direct correlation to the availability of the services these solutions deliver, and the quality that your end-users experience.

NCS is committed to ensuring that every project we implement is successful, completed on-time, and within budget. This approach has helped us build reliable and long-lasting relationships with our many clients.

Our Consult, Design, Manage, Implement, Migrate and Support model ensures that all aspects of your Network and Systems lifecycle are thoughtfully considered and optimized for the best performance, scalability and reliability.

NCS provides you with end-to-end services and support to meet the specific needs of your business including:

  • Structured Cabling and Distribution
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Wireless LAN
  • Server Load Balancers
  • Servers
  • Windows Server Operating System
  • Office365 Deployment Services
  • Desktop
  • Proactive 7x24x365 System Monitoring and Support
  • System Patches and Software Updates
  • Upgrades and Migrations

Network Health Assessment

At NCS, we recommend a proactive and comprehensive Network Health Assessment each time we implement a new IP based voice or video solution for our clients. This low-cost process enables us to identify and correct any pre-existing conditions that may reside within your network and cause adverse effects. Periodic Network Health Assessments are also recommended when major changes are made to a network, such as expansion of an existing site, adding new locations, or introducing network bandwidth changes.

Voice and video are considered real-time applications because they require immediately responsive audio and visual qualities to deliver a superior human interactive experience. Network congestion, jitter and delay, or packet loss on a data network, can rapidly deteriorate the quality of this experience. A Network Health Assessment will help us proactively identify potential issues and address them up-front.

The effect of poor network performance on non-real time applications like email or file sharing typically goes un-noticed, or is perhaps recognized only as a slight delay in transmission or receipt time. However, the effect of poor network performance on voice or video applications has near instantaneous results in the form of poor audio or visual quality, such as garbled or warbled sound, freeze frames, jerky picture motion and so on. This never resonates well with end-users and if experienced can place the success of a new VoIP or Video deployment at risk.

Best Practices in Reliable Voice and Video

To deliver high quality, predictable and reliable Voice and Video over an IP data network NCS supports best practices that are paramount to ensuring an optimal experience for your end users:

  • Conduct site surveys and create “As Built” documentation. The more you know about your network, the better prepared you are to properly integrate Voice Over IP (VoIP.)
  • Implement Quality of Service prioritization. Incorrectly set QoS precedence for VoIP traffic leads to delays in packet delivery and reduced call quality.
  • Implement Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN’s) to isolate and monitor VoIP issues. Organize your VoIP traffic by VLAN user groups.
  • Understand and measure call quality components. There are a variety of metrics used to assess VoIP call quality, including jitter, MOS, R-Factor, gap density, burst density, QoS prioritization and compression techniques.
  • Monitor rollouts to ensure a positive end-user experience. Determine if users are receiving a positive experience by reviewing cumulative VoIP metrics and other performance variables.

Interested in learning more about Network and Infrastructure Services or Network Health Assessments from NCS? Contact us for more information.